Sunday, 25 October 2009

Fifth of July

I painted this from a photo I took of the clean and empty Water Sreet the day after the fourth of July. The contrast between the two days is quite remarkable. The street is a zoo on the 4th. All of the colors were soft and pastel looking. The buildings and windows reduced to small strokes and blocks of color, when looked at from this angle. 8x10 oil on canvas


  1. Hi Lisa,
    this is beautiful as usual!!! you need a "follow" widget on your blog so people can follow your blog. I am so proud of you- you are working on this internet thing just like you said you were going to!

  2. Hi Kelley, So good to hear from you! Thanks to Will and a neighbor named Trevor I got this going. I am pretty slow at learning stuff on the computer. There are a lot of things I'd like to add and will eventually. I'm really having fun with it though, especially when people leave me comments!

  3. Thia painting has a Childe Hassam feel. A wonderful moment. July light is quite special and you really caught it. Heidi