Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Marty's House

Wow! My first blog ever. This is a painting of my friend Marty's house. She has a beautiful garden, and a beautiful, colorful house. I definately need to work on my photo editing. We have been having some golden autumn days here in Eastport, so I have been out Plein airing. This painting is for sale on ebay. It is 11x14 oil on canvas, is starting at 75.00.


  1. Hi, I’m Femi, I am an artist; doing my masters now. Gosh, i really love what u are doing with your blog, are u an artist or photography? Your blog is really creative and unique too; for I like the expressions on the painting, it gives life to your blog, keep it up and never give up; for the sky is your limit. You could check out my own blog, its www.oloidifemi-art.blogspot.com. You could leave your comment there. Keep up the dream! Please reply in English. Thanks and stay blessed!!!

  2. Well done Lisa!

    1) Love how you are blogging.
    2) Love the painting, such vivid colors.

  3. Lovely Lisa. I like your blog and your picture too. I posted some new pictures to my blog this summer. I miss home in Eastport.

  4. this is so beautiful.. it has vibrant color, light & shadow work Lisa :).. well done! you're on a roll and that's wonderful.. i've added you to my blogroll to keep track of what you're up to as well.. hope you don't mind..so very happy to see your work! :).. ~Jewell, multifacetsflux.com

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Best of luck on your blog spot and your quest to expand exposure of your art.